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Monday, March 1, 2010

Primary Peritoneal Cancer Prognosis - Are There Other Silent Killers?

Primary Peritoneal Cancer Prognosis is one of those things you really don't want to hear about less alone deal with. But more often than not, you know somebody or you have heard of somebody having this devastating disease. The really scary part is that you hear about it one time and the next time you know anything else is when you see an announcement in the obituary section of the newspaper.

A very aggressive disease, a primary peritoneal cancer prognosis is one of many that usually do not have favorable result. There are others. They are usually diagnosed after the person goes in for maybe just an abdominal pain or what seems to be a minor ache or pain but enough to get their attention and go to a doctor.

Gastro intestinal stromal tumors, or GIST for short, is one such cancer. It is usually found because a test is given for something else. More often than not, this cancer is usually found in an advanced stage. Usually stage 3 or 4 is the norm for diagnosis.

The good news is that GIST, once a highly aggressive form of cancer that did not respond all that well to surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, can now be contained with a protein inhibitor called Gleevec. This protein inhibitor acts like a door shutting telling the cancer cells to stop growing. It works for about 70 per cent of the patients that have GIST.

Before too long, a primary peritoneal cancer prognosis won't be as devastating as it is today. Advances are made all the time plus new clinical trial offer hope of a cure.

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